Sunday, January 13, 2008


Small boys helping unload drums from a cart full of of many carts. These bright ceramic drums with leather tops are the delight of every child and young man in Marrakech.

There have been all sorts of festivals lately.
Any or all of the below......we get told different things:
New Year's
Independence Day
The birthday of the Prophet
A visit by the King of Jordan
All these are greeted with the happy sounds of drums and tambourines.
Children ring the bell and knock on the door at all hours.
Un dihram! Un dihram!
I give only to the children I know well.
The drums reverberate off the walls of the narrow lanes.
They continue all evening and into the night.
At twelve thirty am. I go out to plead with the young men in the derb and at first they think I am pleased to see such a lovely they dance, sing rock and drum.
Bon Fete! Happy holiday!
Now, please, would it be possible to be joyful a little further down the alley?
They reluctantly agree.
Peace at last.
I think only two more nights of it.


Sandra Evertson said...

What a Beautiful place!
Sandra Evertson

Willow said...

In Los Angeles, the weekend air waves are filled with mariachi music from live bands who play VERY LOUDLY until 2am. The summers are worse because it's warm and we can't close our windows and because the exploding fireworks add to the general din and uproar. I'm sure I'd feel at home in Marrakesh.

Tracy said...

S much COLOR there...don't know that I've seen a place so saturated with color as your Marrakesh! Lots of festivity too! But enjoy that quiet when it comes ;o) Have a great week ((HUGS))

Britt-Arnhild said...

The drums look so long as I do¨n't need to endure their noice all night :-)

Wendy said...

Boys and drums a dangerous combination :^)

Elizabeth said...

Luckily the drumming seems to have worn off a bit though the stalls selling them are still set up in the square. This sounds like a sort of tongue twister!
They are very pretty and I'm tempted to buy one - but then i'd beat it which might lead to discord on the home front........