Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Walk to a Friend's House

Not all our friends live in the medina; quite a few of them live in newer parts of town which have a quite different feel.
Past the pizza place and the creperie, I turn right and pass a little local shop selling all kinds of things.

Flowers billow over a wall near a construction site. Lots of new five story apartment buildings are springing up.

A school and possibly a mosque.

Even if the setting is almost suburban, traditional djellabas keep people warm.

At the end of town there is a large outcrop of rock - almost like a small mountain.


Salty Dog said...

Hello from France .

It is a realy nice blog.I love your pics

Salty Dog from

Willow said...

It seems all cities have those old and new parts and it's interesting to see how well the two blend and meld into one city.

The other young man in the bottom photo is my older son, aged 32. Doesn't it make you think you're old? BUT, we're only as young as we feel! And act!

Thanks, I do feel relief that the tests are done with.

A Kite Rises said...

Wonderful post. "Past a little shop selling all kinds of things" - is that the shop to the right of the bikes in the first image? Would love to go browse in there : )

Sara said...

Hi Elizabeth. Thank you for your comment on Come Away With Me. My camera is nothing terribly special - Canon PowerShot A710IS. But I am so glad I got it this summer! I stopped by Claudia's blog - love her photos! We seem to have similar "eyes" (which made me feel good, as I am certainly not a professional photographer).

It's great to see more of where you live. Your photos are so full of color and interest. I'm so glad I found your blog.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you have a nice walk on the way to your friend's house.


Farida said...

The sounds, the scents, the sights and of course the tastes, they continue to flood my thoughts and I want to be back there.I can still hear the call to prayer resonating in my brain, at first, frightening, that first morning at 4:30ish (am) but with time, welcomed, amazing, beautiful...
Some people say that Fez is the nicest city in Morocco. For me is Marrakesh! Maybe Morocco property architecture and buildings is better in Fez, but Marrakesh is not only its red buildings and walls, Marrakesh is the soul of the desert, the gate of the beaches (Agadir, Essaouira), guardian of the Atlas snowy mountains... I think it resumes Morocco in just one place...
I've been there 4 times... and wouldn't mind going back again!!