Monday, January 21, 2008

Slow Sunday

This character was sitting with his father and grandfather at a cafe in the square enjoying a glass of fresh orange juice.

A plumbing supply shop down a back alley. Right now all our various toilets, taps and showers are behaving themselves. Perhaps I was not wise to mention this although we have eventually found an excellent plumber - with a Baltimore accent.

A wealth of oranges on the way to the Musee de Marrakech.

The last three photographs are all of looking slightly upwards.
Here the roof of the mosque near Cafe France in Place Djemme elFna.
The afternoon sun catches the traditional Berber design.

Here from the cafe where the little boy was.
Each day there is a different display of carpets and we discuss which ones we like best. But we don't, in fact, have any carpets at all. We liked Ira's one that he bought down south near the desert.

This picture was taken on rue riad Zitoune lakadim, the road we used to stay on when we first came to visit Marrakech ten years ago.
Note: Ashura, the drumming holiday, is now officially over! Several people have stopped us in the derb and asked if we are sleeping better and been quite solicitious about our health. I feel rather touched. A few small boys - whose drums haven't broken yet - still wander around giving the odd tap, but, all in all, peace reigns.


Tracy said...

Quiet at last, Elizabeth! LOL! Wonderful street scenes...That little boy is a sweetheart--look at that apple-cheek! Happy week, my friend ((HUGS))

travelingmama said...

What a cutie! Isn't the orange juice the absolute best? Wonderful pictures as always!

Willow said...

Oh Elizabeth! I just love the photo of the traditional Berber architectural designs! Yesteray I was shopping (read: wandering around in the store waiting for him to choose something) at Cost Plus World Market and found Marrakesh pattern dishes! I immediately thought of you. The colors in the china pattern were the same ones I see in your photos. (But I like your photos better.)

I'm glad your nights and days are quieter now.

Please pass the orange juice.

Britt-Arnhild said...

It all looks so warm and cosy.

I would love to visit some day.....

Barbara said...

Came over from Willow's Cottage and have enjoyed looking at all your photos. I wonder how long it is sinc eyou left England.

Paz said...

The little boy looks so precious. Love all those oranges. ;-) I like slow Sundays. ;-)


Elizabeth said...

Glasses of fresh orange juice all round!
I must say it is one of the treats here.
I squeeze oranges and mandarins at home - but in the main square it is only 3 dihram - about 40 cents or 20p.......