Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Small Hotel

A tile table and a tile floor.

Before we bought our little house here, we used to come to Marrakech every spring.
Yesterday afternoon Robert needed to take some photos of the roof terrace at the small hotel where we used to stay.

Unlike many very pink places, this small hotel has a lot of yellow about it.
They work very hard to keep the roof garden blooming, and here, even at the end of January, spring is only just beginning. But I was impressed to see the nasturtiums.

We always like visiting, since we know all the friendly people who work there. We asked about one of our kittens, Mondo, who went to the receptionist's brother almost a year ago now. Apparently, like Ollie, he is a little tough guy - a typical teenager.

The hotel is set round two courtyards - it's really two riads together - very charming and very traditional.


Tracy said...

What a charming place! All that yellow and red are like rays of sunshine. Can see why this place enchanted you. Thank you for sharing, what looks like a sweet oasis with us. Happy Day ((HUGS))

rochambeau said...

Dear Elizabeth,
It is a pleasure to visit this hotel with you.
Marrakesh is my kind of place. I've wanted to go for so many years and I know I will. This is why I truly appreciate your photos! Talk about attention to detail and COLOR!
Have a great day!

PG said...

Oh more lovely colours, how splendidly the mustard and deep red go together! I have taken some shots of the Ruskin for you, when I finally get round to updating my blog. (I used to model for them when I was a lowly college student doing my art A level).

Elizabeth said...

I think Marrakech is a wonderful place for artists - or in fact anyone who loves colour.
Of course, there are some aspects of life here that are difficult and sometimes frustrating......but that is not really what the blog is about.

Mari said...

Funny feeling, when you look the first picture. You can´t say there´s table and floor, it could be all just floor. Lovely shapes. And colours, ofcourse.

I tried to explane the meaning of the bed (at my blog)...

Willow said...

And very lovely, too!

The tiles, floor and table, always fascinate me. I'm intrigued by the patterns.

I love the idea of a roof top garden. I'd be up there all day and most of the evening.

weirdbunny said...

Those tiles would make a pattern for a lovely patchwork quilt !

Barrie said...

Is it possible that the last photo of the flowers in a pot are what we call here: California poppies?

Your blog is giving me wanderlust. :)

Paz said...

Looks like a nice place in which to stay.