Saturday, January 5, 2008

A Day of Animals

This very fine fellow was spotted on the piste road on the way to my friend J's house. He was wandering in an olive orchard.
It's so much better for both the birds and us for animals to forage freely.

Horses turning on Blvd. Mohammed V quite near the Kotoubia. We see them everyday because the carriages are not just for tourists but families use them to go home or to visit family.

Unfortunately the hen moved her head - my camera is very slow indeed.

My favorite picture of Mr. and Mrs. Mouton at home in their pen.
There was also a black and white cow but she was tethered and sitting down.
Because of the recent rain lots of brown water was rushing in the little channels beside the dirt roads. A great blessing in a dry country.


Eileen said...

This really shows the animals you see around your city on a daily basis! Great photos.


Britt-Arnhild said...

Quite different animals outside my house - squirels, deers and moose :-)

Elizabeth said...

You must take some lovely pictures of them for us all to enjoy!

Tracy said...

Hi, Elizabeth! Thank you so much for visiting me today, so nice to meet you and see your corner of the world! You have a great place here in blogland and I look forward to coming back. You take wonderful, expressive, life-filled photos. Those hens are beautiful creatures. Hope you are having a good weekend. :o)